How Often Should You Refinish Your Wood Floor?

Hardwood floors can be repainted every 7 to 10 years, so 4 to 6 finishes are more than enough. However, keep in mind that each time you repaint your floors, you remove a layer of wood. Generally, hardwood floors may require 10 to 12 full sanding and refinishing jobs over their lifespan. On the other hand, engineered wood floors usually have a layered construction with only a thin surface layer that can only be repainted once or twice at most.Any wood item that has had a finish or sealer applied to it will eventually need to be coated, including hardwood floors.

Coating hardwood floors is less intrusive than refinishing, so you can extend the life of your floors with an occasional coating. For sieving and coating, a polishing machine is used to wear down wood floors (to improve the adhesion of the sealant) and then a single new layer of polyurethane is applied. If you're not sure if your floor needs to be completely replaced or simply repainted, your local hardwood flooring professional will be able to accurately assess the damage for you.Wood stain can cause strong odors and you'll need to stay away from the floors for up to 24 hours while the finish dries. If walking on hardwood floors without shoes means running the risk of chipping, this indicates that the sealant has worn out and that the wood underneath is damaged.

The floors are sanded until bare wood is obtained and any cracks are filled with wood putty in the color of the wood species. In this case, you'll want to repaint the floors to protect the wood from additional damage that could lead to the need to replace it.If you've ever been in an old house with hardwood floors, you've probably noticed how good those floors look despite their age. With this method, polish the floors and apply a new layer of polyurethane, a glossy finish that protects the wood. Most apartments begin to show their age after about ten years, but floors that receive a lot of foot traffic or sunlight may need to be restored sooner.

A floor replacement means you'll have completely new wood with a long lifespan ahead of it, plus the opportunity to change the type or color of the wood to your liking.So how can you tell if your hardwood really needs a total finish or just a quick coat of sieving and coating? Examine your floors carefully, and if you notice any of these six signs, only a complete refinishing will restore your floors properly: surface scratches that aren't deeply embedded in the wood; strong odors; chipping when walking on them without shoes; bare wood; cracks; and aged appearance. Repainting hardwood floors can be a great way to remove surface scratches that aren't deeply embedded in the wood. The period between coating and refinishing depends on the wear and tear caused by time, the finish used, the wood the floor is made of, lifestyle and many other factors.

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