The Best Polyurethane for Hardwood Floors: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to hardwood floors, the best polyurethane finish is a water-based one. This type of finish is considered by many to be the future of polyurethanes, and it's easy to see why. It's easy to apply, dries quickly, and provides a durable and attractive finish. To apply a water-based polyurethane finish, start in the corner farthest from the door.

Pour oil onto the floor and clean it on a 2 by 2 foot section of the floor, moving the rag in the direction of the floorboards. Wipe off any excess oil with another cloth before moving on to another section. Allow the first application of oil to dry for 24 to 48 hours, then apply a second coat. The drying time depends on the product you use; water-based products take about two hours to dry, while oil-based products can take 10 to 24 hours.Sealing is very important when it comes to polyurethane finishes, as it seals the wood and helps prevent panelization, which is when groups of boards separate from each other or from the rest of the floor.

When applying the polyurethane, make sure to follow the grain of the wood. Allow the first coat to dry for six to eight hours before applying a second coat. If you want to dye your hardwood floor, make sure you choose a dye that doesn't increase the grain of the wood; otherwise, you'll have to sand the floor after applying the finish.If there is a wax finish on top of your polyurethane, if your finish has worn out, or if your floor is stained or damaged, you'll need to sand it down to bare wood. This is important because hardwood floors need some type of sealant in order to protect them from impacts, moisture, spills, and general foot traffic.Deb Neely, service representative for Lon Musolf Distributing in Vadnais Heights (Minnesota), recommends that when sanding your hardwood floor with a drum sander, any burns that have affected the wood should be sanded by hand.

This will ensure that your hardwood floor looks its best and lasts for years.

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