Can I Use a Steam Mop to Clean a Wooden Floor?

Sealed hardwood floors can withstand the moisture and heat of a steam mop, and they clean very well with a scratch-free finish. However, it is not recommended to use a steam mop on unsealed hardwoods, as they are more vulnerable and easily damaged by excess moisture. Fortunately, the short answer to the question “Can hardwood floors be steam cleaned?” is yes, as long as you follow a few simple guidelines. The heat of steam can increase wood grain if the wood is bare or only a wax finish is used, but most sealed hardwoods are excellent with dry steam vapor.

A single scratch can allow vaporized water to enter the wooden floor and cause swelling, patches and deformation. Even a freshly sealed wooden floor should not be cleaned with a lot of water, as spots can be lost on the sealant, especially between the boards. In addition to unsealed hardwood floors, all other types of hardwood floors can be satisfactorily cleaned with no signs of degradation in various types and brands of floors if used correctly. Using a steam mop on hardwood floors cleans them a thousand times better than a mop and a bucket.

Not only that, but it's less tiring, it keeps them clean for longer and, dare I say, is it therapeutic? What used to be my most dreaded and exhausting task turned into one that I don't mind doing every other day. The floor brush should be completely wrapped with a plush towel that causes steam to descend to the floor surface and not blow through the ends of the floor tool. We cannot recommend steam mops for any type of hardwood floor, even though many steam mops say they are safe for sealed floors. It is important to remember that scrubbing hardwood floors should also be avoided.

If you follow these guidelines, you can safely use a steam mop on your hardwood floors.

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