How to Clean Greasy Hardwood Floors Effectively

When cooking oil affects wooden kitchen floors and surfaces, mineral alcohols can be used to help remove oil stains from treated, unprotected wood. Apply it with a clean cloth and rub it on the surface of the wood, but not so much as to oversaturate the wood. Natural cleaners such as vinegar, lemon juice, vegetable oil and olive oil are also effective for hardwood floors. Another powerful and easily accessible grease cleaner is dishwashing liquid.

If used correctly, it can easily remove grease from the wooden floor without damaging its finish. Prevent marks on hardwood floors by using floor protectors under furniture and adding carpets to play areas to ensure that children's toys don't scratch the floor surface. For deep hardwood floor cleaning, use a hardwood floor mop and a diluted hardwood floor cleaner according to the instructions on the label. Don't use vinyl or tile floor cleaners, as these products could damage hardwood floors instead of cleaning them.

The best way to clean hardwood floors starts with smart preventive measures, which not only help protect the floors, but also reduce the time spent cleaning. Learning how to clean hardwood floors with vinegar will save you money as well as providing a safe cleaning method for your floors. In addition to a place to sit and a place to store shoes, store a cleaning cloth or small towel next to the door to quickly clean up wandering puddles on wooden floors. If you're not sure what the best hardwood floor cleaning products are for your home, talk to the flooring manufacturer.

As always, limit the amount of water on the floor while you clean it, as moisture left on the floors can cause damage.

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